Friday, April 22, 2011

its actually funny

The extreme levels of social injustice on this pathetic, miniscule rock are so beyond reason that i can only find them hilarious.  Today at least 50 people have been murdered in Syria for demanding the rights to control their own lives.  Its reported that over 250 people have been gunned down by the Syrian government in the past month. There are men so convinced of the authority of Bashar al-Assad that they will turn lethal weapons against their fellow Syrians.  These men wake up in the morning and take a shit, they eat breakfast, they look in the mirror and see a flaw in their features, feel doubt, feel fear, love someone, miss someone, recognize their earthly status as a human being, then they fire hot metal indiscriminately into a crowd of human beings.  They do this because Bashar al-Assad told them to.  Personally i can never understand such obedience, because i don't value hierarchies on those terms.  There is no absolute authority.  There is not one single human being that has ever lived that truly knew anything about the purpose of life.  You can only know what your taught, or make up, therefore its all second hand information, or fiction.  So if your guess is as good as mine, then i have just as valid an opinion, and no one can be "right".  Some can certainly survive better, and gain authority based on their ability to do so.  Understandable that a person would follow the direction of another to enhance his ability to survive, but how to become so tragically malleable?  It must take years of conditioning, rewarding and punishing, until eventually a person is willing to give up all convictions.  Of course the determining factors must vary for every individual, which lands us at the oft asked question of nature v nurture, etc, etc, which cant be known truly.  But to stand in a central square full of your neighbors and relatives, face them, look in their eyes, know that their struggle is valid, then pull the trigger; this i just can't understand.  

Whats funny is that at the same time the "coalition of the blood spilling" is carpet bombing Libya.  They are doing this to enforce a "no fly zone" because there was a possibility that Qaddafi may use deadly force against his own civilians.  The direct in-your-face lies that are so evident makes for some truly hilarious contradictions.  America is at war with the drug cartels in Mexico but evidently we are supplying them guns!  Europe is suffering through the worst drought in a century, billions are starving the world over, food prices are going up and never coming back down and here America is, taking advice from Henry Kissinger about putting "boots on the ground" in Libya.  Henry Kissinger,  your 1973 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

In the Philippines today, "Good Friday",   fourteen men were nailed to fourteen crosses.  Hundreds more were whipped till blood soaked the ground and splashed nearby buildings.  50 year old Ruben Enaje has now done it 25 times, his special way of saying thank you to his Lord and Savior.  So convinced he is that a carpenter that lived 2000 years ago in Israel would appreciate it.  That his loving, forgiving God that wants nothing more than for all of mankind to love one another and respect his love and authority, wants him to have sharpened shafts of metal forced through his body.  God would find it quite endearing if he allowed himself to be thrashed nearly to death.  That God would smile approvingly as he hung from two wooden planks, his body weight tearing him apart.   So deceived this world.   The only reason he has ever heard of Jesus is because the Spanish swarmed his island centuries ago and stole everything from his ancestors.  Raping and murdering their way across the archipelago, instilling the agape love of their benevolent and omniscient God. 

Its all just so God Damned funny isn't it?  Plastic already batters every shore on Earth, swirling monumental in the oceans gyres.  Billions of gallons of spilt toxic oil and gas is threatening life everywhere.  Fields are fallowing while kids are getting fat on combination beef, pork, and chicken product.  No one in the developed world has enough of anything while the rest of the world wishes for just enough.  Instead of cleaning up our messes we make more, and bigger than ever before.  Instead of attacking the behavior that has led us here, we attack each other.  Are we suicidal as an species?  How can a species act so very directly in favor of its own end.  How could we have wasted so many good years of evolution and survival of the fittest by running the whole fucking  kit and caboodle into oblivion.  For fuck's sake!  it goes it against nature!  are you too good for you home!    Maybe our old friend Chuck Darwin was wrong.  Or maybe humans have now somehow become the exception to the rule.  We've outsmarted ourselves, outsmarted God himself.  By destroying all of creation we are taking away from God what is inherently God's.  We destroy him as we destroy what he built, as we destroy his ability to create.  Has he created anything since his famous week of exhausting labor?  Or does he create every time something is born?  It is a miracle isn't it?  Every single time.  A sperm meets an egg, they split, but somehow the halves aren't actually half.  They are two wholes.  From absolutely no where one becomes two become four becomes eight.  It must be God.  How is it that a perfect God created something so terribly far from perfect.  The very antonym of perfect even, imperfect.  His treasured human beings, his crowing achievement! is so twisted that murder is the most assured vehicle to power.  Throughout history power is amassed through murder, commonly the murder of many.  As though their souls are devoured for strength.  Of course murder is sustenance by nature, as life must consume life to live.  Ha.

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