Tuesday, April 12, 2011

free verses

in a world curled fetal              feebly fighting institution and intuition         and instances of when it could have been or what should have happened          but since your still standing it must have meant something     at least to you        or for you and you mustn’t take it for granted because beneath you sleeps what was          then wasn’t and when its what was it you will only have what they have left to forget        what just slipped a mind  and another day of your life dissolves into the earths rind    deep into the core you’ll soak in and become a prism trapping the energy of the sun       just another wonder       so still wander while you can while the rain slams dancing into your hands  pushing some past life and love with its wet          with its caress            blessing us to be so let’s be blessed        until fleets of debris fling heat upon the seas forcing them to boil over and release themselves as melting steam rising into the wings  Bringing down a rapturous feathered precipitation of what was once completely free           what id look up and hope to see but now its only twitching seizure falling rising above my knees and my chin is next and then my last breath then engulfed and embossed on the surface of all that I can hope to learn from this     

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