Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If i don't profit, i won't

The vulgar press for temporal power and possession is growing.  Never enough is this petulant indulgence.  So commanding the allure of more, we will step off of cliff edges in our attempt to see the view more clearly.  It is indisputably within us all, but so is the ability to misconstrue.  To get it wrong.  To fail.  We know nothing, except the desire to know.  The omnipresent pursuit of truth pulling us.  Absolute truth became whatever the powerful wanted to make it.  Through power, the production of knowledge became possible, and with it the obscuration of truth.  Abuse of power evolved from our search for truth.  Once we realized that we could construct our own "truths" we lost sight of the absolute truth, the true truth.  Those in power taught us their "truth" and through the generations it became "the truth".  Their "truth" tells us that joy comes from possession, that truth comes with ownership.  That our goal should be gain, our purpose, power.  From that point on we began focusing on accumulation of products instead of truth, knowledge, and love. We fooled ourselves.  The need of discovery became twisted into a need of wealth.  Earthbound objects became our focus, thus making all things of the earth ours.  With the very same instilled fervor we should have for seeking the greater than, we seek the less than.  We put all our glory in the power of the spoken word, even though our words fail miserably at expressing truth.  The ability to command is our highest accomplishment because when we command we create a "truth", we become creators, gods. 

Nikolai Tesla invented a way to send electrical energy through the air, in 1891.  He proved it over and over throughout his life, and dreamt of a worldwide wireless system of free power for all.  JP Morgan, founder of General Electric, destroyed that dream.  Imagine a world without power lines, without electric bills, without coal plants, without oil.  Imagine what this world would look like if there was free energy for everyone, if the greatest minds of the last hundred years had free energy all along and spent their time working toward other goals without the oppression of all controlling energy giants.  Those energy giants thought they could control the world with Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower, but when they found out that the energy produced wouldn't be able to be metered and profited off they ruined the idea.  They pulled all funding and blocked all further progress in the field.  At some point purely self serving intent should be held accountable when it causes such widespread effects.  



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