Saturday, April 9, 2011

things are happening

In Syria the government has been firing on protesters for weeks.  People are fed up with the subjugation.  Millions of them allowing one man to control nearly every aspect of their lives.  It's only taken 30 years to do something about it and they are being murdered for it.  The al-Assad line has ruled with supreme authority for decades.  Massive posters proclaiming their soveignty hang on surfaces everywhere, towering statues delegate authority in every city, town, and village.   Instead of relinquishing any power to the people they instead have declared war on them.  Every time they gather in squares to raise their voices they are shot down.  When they hold funerals for the fallen they are shot down. 

Those in the Gaza strip have been firing rockets into Israel.  Over 100 rockets but only one building has been hit resulting in half a dozen injuries.  Are they shooting bottle rockets?

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