Wednesday, April 13, 2011

kingdoms come, kingdoms go

The convoluted history of Europe has always intrigued me.  It's a perpetual blood letting.  At all times there were men in charge of men trying to get more power, more land.  King Alfonso of Aragon led his troops into the Two Sicilies and ousted the grabby French.  His sons split the inheritance and split the lower half of Italy.  Later on they reunited the Kingdom.  Napoleon III assisted the King of Sardinia in getting rid of the petulant Hapsburgs.  The Franks waged war against the Prussians, the emirates of North Africa invaded Spain, the Ottomans blazed through the East unchecked.  Russians ebbed and Germans flowed.  Back and forth, forever, these clans smashed thru each other.  Within a decade the entire map could change.  All the lines redrawn.  And for what?  To satiate the thirst of the royals.  To placate the unfilled void of the powerful.  No amount of property can ever be enough.  Only more.  It''s a game to them, the elite, and we are the pieces, the masses.  Nothing has changed.  I marvel sometimes at the ignorance of people.  How they can be taught the same history that i was and still trust authority.  They still believe what they are told, that those in power are watching out for us.  Why would they?  Does the owner of a small coffee shop arrange his store, price his products, and organize his business around the success of his employees?  No.  It's all for him.  Everything he does is an effort to make more money, to get more profit, more power.  If the employee inadvertently benefits from this then all the better but its not his aim.  The same applies to government.  By the very laws of god and nature we are forced to fend for ourselves.  Fighting for the same limited resources we must compete, its instinctive.  So if a man is a man is a man then why wouldn't a man, with massive amounts of control and power, use it to forward his position?  He would, and he does, every time. 

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