Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If i don't profit, i won't

The vulgar press for temporal power and possession is growing.  Never enough is this petulant indulgence.  So commanding the allure of more, we will step off of cliff edges in our attempt to see the view more clearly.  It is indisputably within us all, but so is the ability to misconstrue.  To get it wrong.  To fail.  We know nothing, except the desire to know.  The omnipresent pursuit of truth pulling us.  Absolute truth became whatever the powerful wanted to make it.  Through power, the production of knowledge became possible, and with it the obscuration of truth.  Abuse of power evolved from our search for truth.  Once we realized that we could construct our own "truths" we lost sight of the absolute truth, the true truth.  Those in power taught us their "truth" and through the generations it became "the truth".  Their "truth" tells us that joy comes from possession, that truth comes with ownership.  That our goal should be gain, our purpose, power.  From that point on we began focusing on accumulation of products instead of truth, knowledge, and love. We fooled ourselves.  The need of discovery became twisted into a need of wealth.  Earthbound objects became our focus, thus making all things of the earth ours.  With the very same instilled fervor we should have for seeking the greater than, we seek the less than.  We put all our glory in the power of the spoken word, even though our words fail miserably at expressing truth.  The ability to command is our highest accomplishment because when we command we create a "truth", we become creators, gods. 

Nikolai Tesla invented a way to send electrical energy through the air, in 1891.  He proved it over and over throughout his life, and dreamt of a worldwide wireless system of free power for all.  JP Morgan, founder of General Electric, destroyed that dream.  Imagine a world without power lines, without electric bills, without coal plants, without oil.  Imagine what this world would look like if there was free energy for everyone, if the greatest minds of the last hundred years had free energy all along and spent their time working toward other goals without the oppression of all controlling energy giants.  Those energy giants thought they could control the world with Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower, but when they found out that the energy produced wouldn't be able to be metered and profited off they ruined the idea.  They pulled all funding and blocked all further progress in the field.  At some point purely self serving intent should be held accountable when it causes such widespread effects.  



Friday, April 22, 2011

its actually funny

The extreme levels of social injustice on this pathetic, miniscule rock are so beyond reason that i can only find them hilarious.  Today at least 50 people have been murdered in Syria for demanding the rights to control their own lives.  Its reported that over 250 people have been gunned down by the Syrian government in the past month. There are men so convinced of the authority of Bashar al-Assad that they will turn lethal weapons against their fellow Syrians.  These men wake up in the morning and take a shit, they eat breakfast, they look in the mirror and see a flaw in their features, feel doubt, feel fear, love someone, miss someone, recognize their earthly status as a human being, then they fire hot metal indiscriminately into a crowd of human beings.  They do this because Bashar al-Assad told them to.  Personally i can never understand such obedience, because i don't value hierarchies on those terms.  There is no absolute authority.  There is not one single human being that has ever lived that truly knew anything about the purpose of life.  You can only know what your taught, or make up, therefore its all second hand information, or fiction.  So if your guess is as good as mine, then i have just as valid an opinion, and no one can be "right".  Some can certainly survive better, and gain authority based on their ability to do so.  Understandable that a person would follow the direction of another to enhance his ability to survive, but how to become so tragically malleable?  It must take years of conditioning, rewarding and punishing, until eventually a person is willing to give up all convictions.  Of course the determining factors must vary for every individual, which lands us at the oft asked question of nature v nurture, etc, etc, which cant be known truly.  But to stand in a central square full of your neighbors and relatives, face them, look in their eyes, know that their struggle is valid, then pull the trigger; this i just can't understand.  

Whats funny is that at the same time the "coalition of the blood spilling" is carpet bombing Libya.  They are doing this to enforce a "no fly zone" because there was a possibility that Qaddafi may use deadly force against his own civilians.  The direct in-your-face lies that are so evident makes for some truly hilarious contradictions.  America is at war with the drug cartels in Mexico but evidently we are supplying them guns!  Europe is suffering through the worst drought in a century, billions are starving the world over, food prices are going up and never coming back down and here America is, taking advice from Henry Kissinger about putting "boots on the ground" in Libya.  Henry Kissinger,  your 1973 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

In the Philippines today, "Good Friday",   fourteen men were nailed to fourteen crosses.  Hundreds more were whipped till blood soaked the ground and splashed nearby buildings.  50 year old Ruben Enaje has now done it 25 times, his special way of saying thank you to his Lord and Savior.  So convinced he is that a carpenter that lived 2000 years ago in Israel would appreciate it.  That his loving, forgiving God that wants nothing more than for all of mankind to love one another and respect his love and authority, wants him to have sharpened shafts of metal forced through his body.  God would find it quite endearing if he allowed himself to be thrashed nearly to death.  That God would smile approvingly as he hung from two wooden planks, his body weight tearing him apart.   So deceived this world.   The only reason he has ever heard of Jesus is because the Spanish swarmed his island centuries ago and stole everything from his ancestors.  Raping and murdering their way across the archipelago, instilling the agape love of their benevolent and omniscient God. 

Its all just so God Damned funny isn't it?  Plastic already batters every shore on Earth, swirling monumental in the oceans gyres.  Billions of gallons of spilt toxic oil and gas is threatening life everywhere.  Fields are fallowing while kids are getting fat on combination beef, pork, and chicken product.  No one in the developed world has enough of anything while the rest of the world wishes for just enough.  Instead of cleaning up our messes we make more, and bigger than ever before.  Instead of attacking the behavior that has led us here, we attack each other.  Are we suicidal as an species?  How can a species act so very directly in favor of its own end.  How could we have wasted so many good years of evolution and survival of the fittest by running the whole fucking  kit and caboodle into oblivion.  For fuck's sake!  it goes it against nature!  are you too good for you home!    Maybe our old friend Chuck Darwin was wrong.  Or maybe humans have now somehow become the exception to the rule.  We've outsmarted ourselves, outsmarted God himself.  By destroying all of creation we are taking away from God what is inherently God's.  We destroy him as we destroy what he built, as we destroy his ability to create.  Has he created anything since his famous week of exhausting labor?  Or does he create every time something is born?  It is a miracle isn't it?  Every single time.  A sperm meets an egg, they split, but somehow the halves aren't actually half.  They are two wholes.  From absolutely no where one becomes two become four becomes eight.  It must be God.  How is it that a perfect God created something so terribly far from perfect.  The very antonym of perfect even, imperfect.  His treasured human beings, his crowing achievement! is so twisted that murder is the most assured vehicle to power.  Throughout history power is amassed through murder, commonly the murder of many.  As though their souls are devoured for strength.  Of course murder is sustenance by nature, as life must consume life to live.  Ha.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

better safe than sorry

Routine is hoping for expectations. Believing that you can plan your way out of danger, that you can put out a fire before its begun to burn, that you can learn without ever having to learn. It’s a cycle of denial, a foolish child talking to the senile. I don’t want to know what happens next. I wont ever have to put anything into perspective when its all coming so quickly that I cant possibly expect it. I couldn’t even regret it when i knew that what happened was the end. It was the beginning, the origin, the sin that led to seeking the more than the knowledge of the whole plan. I'll stand firm with moving feet, with sleepless sleep, dreaming of a deep enough crease that I can slide into and never be able to escape. A trail that leads so hopelessly far into the crater that the walls become my whole and the depth my soul. I'm wanting ceaselessly for the wind to lean against me, for my projected reality to blink and become my enemy. I want to be an abstraction that wraps itself in relapse before imploding into an anomaly. I want to leave before ive arrived. I want the tears from my eyes to evaporate as they slide down my cheek, then immediately pour down from white clouds onto a crowd of thirsty drowning nouns

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

kingdoms come, kingdoms go

The convoluted history of Europe has always intrigued me.  It's a perpetual blood letting.  At all times there were men in charge of men trying to get more power, more land.  King Alfonso of Aragon led his troops into the Two Sicilies and ousted the grabby French.  His sons split the inheritance and split the lower half of Italy.  Later on they reunited the Kingdom.  Napoleon III assisted the King of Sardinia in getting rid of the petulant Hapsburgs.  The Franks waged war against the Prussians, the emirates of North Africa invaded Spain, the Ottomans blazed through the East unchecked.  Russians ebbed and Germans flowed.  Back and forth, forever, these clans smashed thru each other.  Within a decade the entire map could change.  All the lines redrawn.  And for what?  To satiate the thirst of the royals.  To placate the unfilled void of the powerful.  No amount of property can ever be enough.  Only more.  It''s a game to them, the elite, and we are the pieces, the masses.  Nothing has changed.  I marvel sometimes at the ignorance of people.  How they can be taught the same history that i was and still trust authority.  They still believe what they are told, that those in power are watching out for us.  Why would they?  Does the owner of a small coffee shop arrange his store, price his products, and organize his business around the success of his employees?  No.  It's all for him.  Everything he does is an effort to make more money, to get more profit, more power.  If the employee inadvertently benefits from this then all the better but its not his aim.  The same applies to government.  By the very laws of god and nature we are forced to fend for ourselves.  Fighting for the same limited resources we must compete, its instinctive.  So if a man is a man is a man then why wouldn't a man, with massive amounts of control and power, use it to forward his position?  He would, and he does, every time. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

free verses

in a world curled fetal              feebly fighting institution and intuition         and instances of when it could have been or what should have happened          but since your still standing it must have meant something     at least to you        or for you and you mustn’t take it for granted because beneath you sleeps what was          then wasn’t and when its what was it you will only have what they have left to forget        what just slipped a mind  and another day of your life dissolves into the earths rind    deep into the core you’ll soak in and become a prism trapping the energy of the sun       just another wonder       so still wander while you can while the rain slams dancing into your hands  pushing some past life and love with its wet          with its caress            blessing us to be so let’s be blessed        until fleets of debris fling heat upon the seas forcing them to boil over and release themselves as melting steam rising into the wings  Bringing down a rapturous feathered precipitation of what was once completely free           what id look up and hope to see but now its only twitching seizure falling rising above my knees and my chin is next and then my last breath then engulfed and embossed on the surface of all that I can hope to learn from this     

Saturday, April 9, 2011

things are happening

In Syria the government has been firing on protesters for weeks.  People are fed up with the subjugation.  Millions of them allowing one man to control nearly every aspect of their lives.  It's only taken 30 years to do something about it and they are being murdered for it.  The al-Assad line has ruled with supreme authority for decades.  Massive posters proclaiming their soveignty hang on surfaces everywhere, towering statues delegate authority in every city, town, and village.   Instead of relinquishing any power to the people they instead have declared war on them.  Every time they gather in squares to raise their voices they are shot down.  When they hold funerals for the fallen they are shot down. 

Those in the Gaza strip have been firing rockets into Israel.  Over 100 rockets but only one building has been hit resulting in half a dozen injuries.  Are they shooting bottle rockets?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

on such a beautiful day

so many see only misery.  A shame really.  Will 2012 be the next Renaissance?  Will the masses awaken to our plight? To the fact that billions allow millions to control everything.  Profit has made enemies of us all.  Or will he devolve even further.  Follow the graph, with its ever downward curving lines, toward pure and total subjugation.  We just invaded a 3rd country.  What's new on netflix?  Our money comes from a private institution of international bankers that print money at will, have ultimate control of interest rates, and own the world through debt.  Did I get a notification on facebook in the last 10 minutes?  They offer dreams and them snatch them away, laughing.  They profit multiple times, legally, off of a rigged product that is built to fail.  In its failure they earn more money.  By your destruction they are constructed.  But isn't it just the way of the universe?  That to live we must devour life.  By definition for gain to occur there must be loss.  These men must see human life as nothing more than squirming rock.  Inanimate.  Yet they maintain such confidence, such bravado, as though they know that its even bigger than we think.  Such effort for triviality has always baffled me, but whose to know a man's motivation.

There were mystery schools in ancient times.  So called because they held a secret.  They knew something that most shouldn't know.  either withheld for the safety of all, or for the power of few.  Convenient it is that the one library that held all the answers of antiquity was destroyed.  The accounts of its destruction vary wildly.  It's commonly thought that Julius Caesar on his righteous quest to defeat and murder Pompey set fire to a fleet of ships in the harbor and the fire spread to the city, incidentally taking all of the knowledge of the ancients with it.  This theory is dashed by the fact that most likely the Library wasn't even built yet (or had been destroyed at an earlier time) according to a man named Strabo who didn't see an all knowing Library at the time of his Alexandria tour, the same time Caesar supposedly set the flame to work.  Another theory concerns the Roman Emperor Theodosius and his lackey Theophilus.  So dedicated to their strict Christian beliefs they took action to tear down every monument to paganism in the empire.  Grand temples to previously worshiped deities fell by the thousands.  Masterpieces of art and design forever lost.  Evidence of the golden past vanishing into the earth until finally snuffed out completely when the Library was razed and its contents emptied into the streets where their flames could reach the heavens.  Praise God.  How a man can claim to abide by Jesus' answer of cooperation, kindness, gentleness, honesty, and love then pour burning anguish upon innocents seems impossible.  How the many, the masses can sit idly by and watch as this hypocrisy plays out  blatantly before them is also difficult to comprehend.  How could they erase the past, have absolutely no value for its lessons.  They couldn't have.  They must have retained its secrets for themselves.  If there is evidence that in fact 10000, 20000, 30000 years ago major empires existed and thrived, likely at a less destructive level than we do now, it would serve the Christian overlords well to eliminate it.  This would consolidate their power, give sovereignty to Yahweh, and eliminate any question about the churches' divine lineage.  If time began, if the world began with Christianity then how could it be wrong?   We pretend that the world was created in 4000 BC but there is endless proof that all over the world complex society was fully functional at this point.  The Greeks were teaching lessons that we still apply today.  The Egyptians, and Chinese were deep in enlightenment and understanding.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


There is a man in Florida who burned the Quran.  He acquired a copy of a book written 1400 years ago, and he set it on fire.  This man has convinced an entire congregation of people that he is an authority on matters spiritual and Christian.  These people believe this man, they trust him.  So when he carries, in his hands, a book that he most likely has never read, nor most probably his flock, and proceeds to incinerate it, he instills such values in them.  That there are people on the other side of the world that we should have no respect for.  What they find most dear, or at least most ingrained, is perfectly suitable for destruction.  That there lives are as well.  Pastor Terry Jones has decided to inflame the passions of the already inflamed, fanactic inclined Muslim sect.  Pastor Terry had previously threatened to burn a pile of 200 Qurans on Sep 11, 2010 but was talked off the ledge by world leaders.  But on March 20, 2011 he mustered the nuts to light the fuse.  In full look-at-me-daddy form he held a "trial" where the Quran was charged with Murder, Rape, and Terrorism.  For six hours Pastor T tossed his body about the confines of the church yelling and sweating, trying to convince the local residents of Gainesville, Florida that we should declare war on the concept of Islam and everyone who is affiliated with it.   His biased jury found the ancient teachings of Mohammed guilty on all charges and sentenced to death by burning.  Those actions were acquired by the media and found there way to Afghanistan.  The prime minister, Hamid Karzai, a known CIA asset, openly condemed the actions of the maniac preacher and signed the death warrant of at least 12 people.  Once word spread to a people that have been beleaguered by bombs,  been murdered by unblinking robots by the family load, that have seen the destruction of everything they've ever known, they wanted blood, but with this next insult they could no longer wait.  The mobs went after the first place that they knew they could find white people, white devils, the UN complex.  12 people lost their lives that day, most not even from the US.  A direct attack on the UN means we will of course need to punish the murderers.  More effort will be necessary.  I would fully agree with the government if they wanted to bump this war into a higher level of crazy. 

During World War Two over 400,000 German POWs were held across 46 United States.  They were captured in locales as exotic as Algeria, Morocco, and Italy, put on ships (or planes), and brought to the US.  The camps were built in preferably warm, pleasant areas, like the suburbs of Albuquerque or the hinterland of fringe Kansas. The prisoners were, reportedly, encouraged to participate in sports and activities like dodge ball, tether ball, and avoid the bullet.  They were provided with musical instruments, stationary, paints and games, so that they could express their joy at being delivered from war into the hands of us, the caring.  They ate well and would have beer and wine on birthdays and after German gains on the front.  When the war ended they were delivered home in comfort so that they could pick up the pieces of their decimated country.  

Roald Amundsen went to both poles between the years of our Lord 1910 and 1920.  There are men in this world who are pulled forward by the unknown.  They want to know.  There are others who fear it and will never know.   Roald knows what it takes, what its like to mount the Alex Heiberg Glacier and slide across the polar plateau after a four day climb.  He knows what sitting at 90 degrees Longitude feels like.  With all of the worlds magnetic energy pulsing through his veins, mustache frozen, eyes hardly open, he stared out across that violent expanse of barely moving matter, and knew.   I want to know.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Just off the street

yet my feet are toes up in bed.  Bodies moving always just out the door but here i am, again.  10 30 and haven't made it past two blocks.  Haven't seen much sun but what a wonder it was.  Fresh breezes, smiling faces, keep em.  I'll have games on computers, television screens, beaming brightly before me.