Wednesday, April 6, 2011

on such a beautiful day

so many see only misery.  A shame really.  Will 2012 be the next Renaissance?  Will the masses awaken to our plight? To the fact that billions allow millions to control everything.  Profit has made enemies of us all.  Or will he devolve even further.  Follow the graph, with its ever downward curving lines, toward pure and total subjugation.  We just invaded a 3rd country.  What's new on netflix?  Our money comes from a private institution of international bankers that print money at will, have ultimate control of interest rates, and own the world through debt.  Did I get a notification on facebook in the last 10 minutes?  They offer dreams and them snatch them away, laughing.  They profit multiple times, legally, off of a rigged product that is built to fail.  In its failure they earn more money.  By your destruction they are constructed.  But isn't it just the way of the universe?  That to live we must devour life.  By definition for gain to occur there must be loss.  These men must see human life as nothing more than squirming rock.  Inanimate.  Yet they maintain such confidence, such bravado, as though they know that its even bigger than we think.  Such effort for triviality has always baffled me, but whose to know a man's motivation.

There were mystery schools in ancient times.  So called because they held a secret.  They knew something that most shouldn't know.  either withheld for the safety of all, or for the power of few.  Convenient it is that the one library that held all the answers of antiquity was destroyed.  The accounts of its destruction vary wildly.  It's commonly thought that Julius Caesar on his righteous quest to defeat and murder Pompey set fire to a fleet of ships in the harbor and the fire spread to the city, incidentally taking all of the knowledge of the ancients with it.  This theory is dashed by the fact that most likely the Library wasn't even built yet (or had been destroyed at an earlier time) according to a man named Strabo who didn't see an all knowing Library at the time of his Alexandria tour, the same time Caesar supposedly set the flame to work.  Another theory concerns the Roman Emperor Theodosius and his lackey Theophilus.  So dedicated to their strict Christian beliefs they took action to tear down every monument to paganism in the empire.  Grand temples to previously worshiped deities fell by the thousands.  Masterpieces of art and design forever lost.  Evidence of the golden past vanishing into the earth until finally snuffed out completely when the Library was razed and its contents emptied into the streets where their flames could reach the heavens.  Praise God.  How a man can claim to abide by Jesus' answer of cooperation, kindness, gentleness, honesty, and love then pour burning anguish upon innocents seems impossible.  How the many, the masses can sit idly by and watch as this hypocrisy plays out  blatantly before them is also difficult to comprehend.  How could they erase the past, have absolutely no value for its lessons.  They couldn't have.  They must have retained its secrets for themselves.  If there is evidence that in fact 10000, 20000, 30000 years ago major empires existed and thrived, likely at a less destructive level than we do now, it would serve the Christian overlords well to eliminate it.  This would consolidate their power, give sovereignty to Yahweh, and eliminate any question about the churches' divine lineage.  If time began, if the world began with Christianity then how could it be wrong?   We pretend that the world was created in 4000 BC but there is endless proof that all over the world complex society was fully functional at this point.  The Greeks were teaching lessons that we still apply today.  The Egyptians, and Chinese were deep in enlightenment and understanding.

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